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28 May 2006 @ 03:33 pm
Does anyone else keep seeing error on vexels.net? Wondering what going on. Anyone know?
05 May 2006 @ 04:17 pm
Happy birthday vexels.net ♥ :)
26 April 2006 @ 07:13 pm
There a competetions going on at Vexels.net

Feel free to post your entries at this lj.

P.S: sorry i hasn't been here for a while. Been busy. Thank you all for asking about the mod. It kinda dead here - but once it get more active, i ask again.

Stil also looking for someone to design a layout for here.
26 February 2006 @ 03:45 pm
Hello, my name is Anna. I created this community on lj for fans of vexels to post pictures and give suggestion.

I need some mod to helps me run this lj so if you are intrested than let me know by either commenting here (only on certain post)or e-mail me at anna@misscutie.com.

I like a layout here as well. Vexels layout of course! ;) Intrested in creating one than once again e-mail me or post a reply on certain topic.

1) Well duh have fun!

2) Respect. If you not a fan of the whole vexels art than don't bother joining and slagging it off. Respect other members but no bitching!

3) you may post half finished vexels but please don't post a new topic/post everytime you done one tiny little things. You can either edit your orignal post or post it in your reply.
4) Big huge image is always a pain for peoples on slow dial up connection(oh how i pity you) ,so post images behind a cut.

5) Can't take critizsm than Leave. Simple as that.

6) No Drama, Don't bring any drama over here mate! I want to create a friendly atomsphere.

7) Don't go off topic please. Don't post topic on all about your kittens or your offline life. Vexels topic only please.

8)Don't make fun of peoples first attempt at vexels. Thats rude and mean!

9) Be nice to peoples

What is a vexels?

A vexel is a piece of digital art using block shapes of color to create an image. These are sometimes referred to as "vector art" but not all vexels are made in vector format. The word "Vector" refers to "creation of digital images through a sequence of commands or mathematical statements that place lines and shapes in a given two-dimensional or three-dimensional space" (*Whatis). To put that more simply, vector art is something made in a vector program (eg. Flash, Illustrator, Freehand) and can be resized without any kind of pixelation or quality loss. Vexels on the other hand, can be raster or bitmap images. Vexels are often seen as cartoon versions of an image or photo.

Lean more about it here.

Thanx you :) Thats be all (for now!)